Hammana Sports City

40 Years ago, a great man called “Najib Abou Haider” had a vision to create one of the largest sporting city in the region located in Hammana. While he was a president of Hammana Municipality, he worked on partitioning a prime location in Hammana into exclusive lots, which resulted in allocating a lot of 73,000 Square Meter to build “Hammana Sports City”.
At the same time a young entrepreneur of Lebanese decent living in Mexico, called “Carlos Slim” was building his empire.
During that time a young person from Hammana called “George Saad Abi Youness” was studying to become a priest.
40 years later; Mr. Abou Haider passed away before achieving his dream, Mr. Carlos Slim became the richest Man on Earth and the young priest from Hammana became a Bishop of the Maronite Church in Mexico and Latin America.
Fate brought Mr. Carlos Slim and Bishop Georges Saad Abi Youness together to become good friends. 
Upon Mr. Slim’s last visit to Lebanon accompanied by Bishop Abi Youness, Mr. Slim decided to invest in helping young people from Lebanon by developing community centers across the Nation to bring about a better future for young Lebanese by providing them with educational, social, forum and sporting activities to those of great need.

Thanks to the efforts of Bishop George Saad Abi Youness and the generosity of Carlos Slim, Hammana was among the many cities in Lebanon Mr. Slim decided to help bring about a better future by donating $1.5M to build the “Hammana Sporting and Community Center”.
On Friday July 20th 2012, in coordination with the Municipality, Hammana celebrated the initiation of building the Sporting City and therefore the Dream of building The Hammana Sporting City and Community Center became a reality.

Fore more information regarding the plans of the Hammana Sporting City and Community Center, please visit its page by clicking here.

A Village in Mount Lebanon

The word "Hammana" may have come from the name of the Phoenician Sun God "Hammon" or "Hamman". These two names are derived from the word "Hama" which means heat of the sun.

Hammana is located on the west Lebanese mountain's chain, in the heart of Mount Lebanon, at 26Km far from Beirut the capital and at an altitude of 1200m , which makes it an ideal summer resort.

A Piece From Heaven On Earth

"Hammana Valley is one of the most beautiful prospects ever presented to the human eye to scan in the works of God" (Alphonse De Lamartine).
Hammana is a mixture of a typical Lebanese village, where you can enjoy the magic of its nature and the extreme hospitality and a small city where you can enjoy the night life and the smooth entertainment environment.

A Four Season Resort

Hammana is a four seasons resort, where you can find four different artistic paints signed by the creator, yellow tint in autumn, mostly white in winter,  colorful in spring and dark green in summer.